There’s going to be a Detective Pikachu movie coming out next year. And truth be told, I’m actually looking forward to it.

Ryan Reynolds voicing the only Pikachu who can converse with a human with actual sentences and words? Brilliant. And that realistic fur and Pokémon coming to life; I had to double-check if I was on my meds at one point.

Anyway, the internet reacts to the trailer in interesting ways. Let’s go take a look. First, the positive ones…

Now, the ones who can’t deal with the live-action Pokémon CGIs…

To be fair, Mr. Mime does look freaky.

ClassicTailsYT brought up some good points…



Let’s not forget about that Squirtle “Missing” poster…

I’m gonna go with “Team Rocket shenanigans” on this one…

I look forward to the obvious cop typecast guest cameos featuring Dean Norris, Michael Chiklis, and Andre Braugher.


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