The upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 DLC episode Turf Wars will be giving us three new suits, and two of them will be suits that we (and Spidey fans) actually wanted! Feast your eyes on the classic Spider-Armor MK 1 and iconic Iron Spider Armor from the comics (oh, and the not-so-iconic Mangaverse Spider-Clan suit)

Spider-Man DLC Turf War Suits
This is the official preview, I kid you not.

Despite our first look at the new suits being less than great (they look pretty bad in the image), I’m sure they’ll look awesome in-game just like most of the other suits in Spider-Man PS4.

Spider-Armor MK 1

Spider-Armor MK 1 Spider-Man

Although it was a bit weird having access to Spider-Armor MK 2 to 4 before the MK 1, it’s probably because Insomniac was saving what is arguably the most iconic Spider-Armor suit. I say that because it only appeared in a single issue in the 90s and somehow still managed to turn into an enduring fan-favorite classic.

The reason why Spidey only used the Spider-Armor MK 1 for a brief stint was due to several reasons. It slowed him down too much, decreasing his agility and making him more vulnerable even though the suit was bulletproof. It was also destroyed by acid in the very same issue so that’s why we’ve never seen it again in the comics.

Iron Spider Armor


The Iron Spider Armor is only second to the Symbiote suit in terms of how iconic and popular it is. It’s definitely one of the best-looking Spider-Man suits of all-time, and it’s a wonder why Insomniac didn’t just include it in the base game. Better late than never, I guess. (I know we had the MCU Iron Spider suit but that cheap knockoff doesn’t count)

In the comics, Tony Stark made this suit for Spider-Man after Peter Parker revealed his identity to the world. It was almost as advanced as Tony’s Extremis suit at the time and it only had three additional spider-arms.


Spider-Clan Mangaverse Spider-Man

In the early 2000s, Marvel thought it was a great idea to create a manga and anime-inspired comic book universe called the Marvel Mangaverse, due to the booming popularity of those back then. Although the whole idea was naff, the Mangaverse Spider-Man was admittedly one of the better Mangaverse properties (though that isn’t saying much).

In the Mangaverse, Peter Parker is the last member of the Spider-Clan of ninjas and has been taught martial arts by his sensei, Uncle Ben. He became Spider-Man when Uncle Ben was later murdered by Venom, under the orders of the Kingpin. It’s all very mystical and Naruto-lite.

According to PlayStation Blog, the new Turf Wars will feature new story missions, crimes, and trophies. Players can also look forward to more bases to clear out (yay) and more annoying Screwball Challenges (sigh).

Check out the Spider-Man DLC episode Turf Wars when it releases on November 20, 2018.


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