KL Major 2018: A Quick Recap Of Malaysia’s Big Dota 2 Tournament


Brace yourself, Dota 2 and esports fans in Malaysia. The KL Major 2018 is afoot this weekend from 16 to 18 November.

Here’s a lowdown:

-The main fights will be happening from 12pm onwards on Friday and Saturday (16 and 17 November). The grand finals will start at 4pm Sunday on 18 November.

-There’s a sweet lucky draw happening this weekend if you love gaming peripherals from HyperX and Acer Predator.

-These are the six remaining teams right now in the tournament:

-Tune in to the tournament here on PGL’s Twitch page:

TNC Predator is the only Southeast Asian team remaining in this major Dota 2 tournament. Fnatic was ousted by Evil Geniuses in a best-of-2 battle.

-China’s Dota 2 game isn’t as strong as it was. PSG.LGD is the only Chinese team remaining in the tournament. Vici Gaming and Team Aster were knocked out during the past few days.

-The current placement of the other 10 teams are as follows:

-Notable Dota 2 personalities running around the show floor: Lysander, Redeye, Sheever, TobiWan, SirActionSlacks, PindaPanda.

The folks from will be there to spread the good word of their esports platform. Do say hello to them!

That’s all for now. Who do you think will take the KL Major top spot this year in this new Dota 2 season? Cast your votes & place your bets here!

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