Grab Black Friday Discounts in World of Tanks and World of Warships This Weekend

Wargaming is serving up some hot (turkey?) discounts for you folks this weekend for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These cover popular titles like World of Tanks, World of Warships, and more, with discounts up to a whopping 60%.

World of Tanks

All Tier VIII Premium tech tree tanks will be 30% off. Each tank will have a “Best Buy” bundle that will also be 30% off, which includes everything you need to start out right with the vehicle.

There will also be special packages featuring rare and unique Black Tanks (T34 B, IS-6 B and Schwarzpanzer 58). Check them out below:

  • 360 days of Premium Account with a free Black Tank on top
  • Fort Knox: 12,500 Gold and 12,500,000 Credits with a free Black Tank on top (30% off)
  • Black Friday Stash: 180 days of Premium Account and 7,250 Gold with a free Black Tank on top
  • Black Friday Extravaganza: 360 days of Premium Account, 12,500 Gold and 12,500,000 Credits with all three Black Tanks as a free bonus (10% off)

World of Warships


Not only will World of Warships players be rewarded with extra containers for their regular daily logins this Black Friday weekend; they can also gain special Black Friday containers as rewards for completing combat missions with new and attractive black editions of popular ships (Tirpitz, Massachusetts, Asashio, Atago).

Besides that, players can enjoy the deals below:

  • 60% discount for Consumables and Camouflages bought with Credits and Doubloons
  • 50% discounts on signal flags and Port Slots bought with doubloons and modernizations bought with credits
  • 40% discount on elite XP to Free XP conversion
  • 15–50% discount on researchable and Premium US Navy ships bought with Credits and Doubloons
  • Large Armada Bundle featuring 67 Premium warships and 67 Port Slots

World of Tanks: Mercenaries


Wargaming hasn’t forgotten console players who play World of Tanks: Mercenaries on the PS4 and Xbox One. This Black Friday, they can take advantage of the deals below:

  • Deals on Premium Account: 50% off 360 days and 25% off 180 days
  • Savings on Premium Tanks: 30% off non-Hero Premium tanks and all Hero tanks available for purchase
  • Awesome tank bundles: 75% off packages featuring the Dark Horse, Heavy Metal Heroes, and national Hero tanks
  • Huge XP boosts: x5 XP for your first victories on each vehicle on 24 and 25 November for Tanksgiving
  • And great discounts on boost bundles for XP and Crew XP

Additionally, players can look forward to a 20% discount on Gold to Silver exchange and 50% off Camouflage, Emblems, Inscriptions, and all Crew Customization, as well as extra bonus points to put towards obtaining the Absolution Merc tank on Cyber Monday.

World of Tanks: Blitz


Android and iOS players who play World of Tanks: Blitz can enjoy x4 XP on your first victories and bundles with discounts up to 80%. Purchasing these bundles will net you Stickers, which acts a bonus currency for additional gifts or as an extra boost to your Premium Account.

Besides that, Premium and researchable vehicles in the Tech Tree will be 50% off while a year of Premium Account can be purchased at 25% off.

World of Warships: Blitz


Grab these deals for World of Warships: Blitz on Cyber Monday:

  • Up to 50% off Premium warships
  • 20% off all Tier VIII Premium warships
  • Heavily discounted bundles including Free XP, Silver, days of Premium Account and more!
  • Gold to Silver exchange rate improvement to 600 Silver: 1 Gold (a 50% saving)
  • Gold to Free XP rate improvement to 30 Free XP: 1 Gold (a 20% saving)

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