Red Dead Redemption 2; what a trip, eh? From its awesome storyline and atmosphere to its well-detailed but odd controls, people are raving on about Rockstar’s latest to varying degrees.

Pretty soon, you’ll get to form your own posse and start shooting stuff up in the game’s long-awaited online mode.┬áHere are the beta schedules and the various criteria thanks to Rockstar:

  • 27 November at 8:30 PM GMT+8. Available for Ultimate Edition owners.
  • 28 November. Available for anyone who has played RDR2 on the first day of release (Oct. 26).
  • 29 November. Available for anyone who has played RDR2 between 26 October and 29 October.
  • 30 November. Available for everyone.


Here’s what you can do in Red Dead Online.

  • Create and customize your own cowpoke.
  • Explore the Red Dead Redemption 2 landscape either solo or with pals.
  • Form a posse up to 7 players, either to go hunting/fishing or fight enemy gangs.
  • Fight against other online outlaws in skirmishes and set-piece battles.

So it’s basically GTA Online but in 1899, horses, and old-school weapons. I’m sure there are fans out there who would like to go back to that era and re-enact their own spaghetti Western scenario. Rockstar Games will publish more details later in the next few hours or so.



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