The last Parasite Eve game on the PSP back in 2011 -called The Third Birthday– was interesting, to say the least. It was also one of the games Hajime Tabata directed before doing bigger Final Fantasy projects like Type-0 and XV. So is it high time to see the revival of this survival horror RPG? Or body-switching action RPG?

Well, we might be getting that, or an HD remastering of parts 1 and 2. Square Enix recently filed a trademark (via Gematsu) for the franchise at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Whether it’s a sequel, a remaster (the most likely one), or an anime, it’s all up to Square Enix.

Me? Well, a remaster of all 3 gams makes sense if Square Enix wants to gauge fanfare for a cult series, but I’d like to see the mechanics of the first game make a grand comeback in a full-fledged sequel. Parasite Eve 2 felt too much like a Resident Evil clone, while The Third Birthday was something completely different and screwbally. Having a real-time-esque RPG battle system in a survival horror setting and design sounds like a concept people will lap up if they keep an open mind.

Plus, Aya’s a pretty cool protagonist to root for when she isn’t posing like she’s being photographed for a Maxim cover. The 90s was a lovely time for female video game protagonists, eh?




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