Star Wars Battlefront II’s Geonosis Update Is Available This Wednesday

Now that Star Wars Battlefront II’s loot box fiasco is out of the way a year later, it’s safe for EA to start bringing the game to the limelight and start making more improvements. The game’s Battle of Geonosis update is coming out sooner than you think, assuming you’re still into the Star Wars mass multiplayer shooting fiesta.

The update will be available on 28 November and features the following:

  • Young Obi-Wan Kenobi as a Battlefront hero. He can slash you with his trademark blue lightsaber, reflect projectiles, blocks attacks like a champ, and has great stamina and defence.
  • Geonosis as a new map, duh. The map here makes you feel like you’re in big-scale war like in the CGI-heavy prequels.
  • Three new vehicles to pilot in: the heavily-armoured AT-TE, the lightweight STAP, and the BARC speeder. Yeah, you’re going to be one of those a-holes who will beeline towards the AT-TE, will you?

Check out the trailer below. Even if Battlefield 5 is out, we’re sure that some other gaming folks will want to jump aboard the Battlefront II train since it’s cheaper right now. Are you thinking of doing that?

Author: Team KKP

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