It’s a sad day for Southeast Asian streamers. Live-streaming platform Tamago will be shutting down its services by 31 December 2018.

The reason? The company said in an official statement that “business has been challenging and it is commercially unfeasible […] to continue operating under the current circumstances.” Also, here are some Tamago tidbits you need to know if you have been a user since its inception:

  • Users cannot buy T-coins right now since that service has ceased immediately.
  • Streamer earnings will be paid out before 8 December.
  • The company will not refund users for coin leftovers, so they’ll have to spend all of it. However, the cut-off date for gifting is 7th December. Yikes…

Streamers like Riku and Asurai have received the info at the last possible moment, much to their chagrin.

Tamago is the result of a partnership between Astro Malaysia Holdings (who also run EGG Network) and China’s Esports live-streaming platform Huomao. It officially launched on 15 December.


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