Of Course Epic Games Is Pulling Infinity Blade Series From The App Store

A few days after Epic Games announces its brand-spanking new Epic Games store -after being advertised heavily during the Video Game Awards 2018 show, the company decides to pull the acclaimed Infinity Blade games from Apple’s App Store. The company said it will no longer sell the trilogy or in-app downloadable content for the iOS games.

In Epic Games’ official statement on why they’re pulling the plug, the company and its Chair Entertainment division will be focusing on the J.J Abrams/Bad Robot game Spyjinx instead.

“At Epic we strive to put players first and to provide a supported, full-fledged experience in every game we publish. With the development of Spyjinx and other projects, it has become increasingly difficult for our team to support the Infinity Blade series at a level that meets our standards.”

The company will support Infinity Blade 3 over the next month with special items, Clash Mobs, and other surprises.

This isn’t the end of the Infinity Blade series though. The company said fans and gamers will find the game popping up “in places you wouldn’t expect”. Like, oh say, an app store or digital game store that its parent company currently runs and owns that’s been advertised heavily on a recent game awards show.

Author: Team KKP

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