Overwatch Contenders: We Interviewed THE Widowmaker God

Love him or hate him, you gotta admit that Brian “Kephrii” St. Pierre is one heck of a Widowmaker main. Known to be a very outspoken and polarizing figure in the scene, Kephrii never shied away from voicing out his opinions and allowing his actions (and sick, sick flick shots) back him up.

Having recently relocated to Seoul, South Korea where he joined Global Esports Pantheon KR to contest in Overwatch Contenders 2018 Season 3: Pacific, we finally got an opportunity to ask him several questions about his career, the OWL and the Overwatch scene in general.


Q: You pretty much walked the talk when you decided to go through the Contenders scene in a bid to hit the big stage, the OWL. What and when was the tipping point for this?

I figured if this is what everyone really wanted to see then I figured I should do it! I wanted to compete anyway and at least this way I get to find out if I really am good enough.

Q: What’s the biggest change and challenge when it comes to competing with (your GE) teammates whose first language isn’t the same as yours? How do you get by?

The biggest challenge is flat out not being able to communicate. I speak in very little broken Korean and they speak in very little broken English. Thankfully in scrims, we figure out what words we need to learn to be effective.

Q: What do you have to say about Seagull’s recent comments regarding the state of Overwatch? How would you fix it? (if any)

Oh gosh, haha, I mean I can agree that there is definitely a problem but I don’t think I am qualified to analyze and suggest any solutions haha. I do see a lot of patches coming out and they’re coming out fast. I am optimistic that Jeff has figured something out.

Q: We saw your match vs Giant Esports the other day and you pretty much forced them out of their game by locking down some sections with your Widowmaker play – would you agree that effective Widow play is the best counter vs GOATs?

Unfortunately effective Widowmaker play alone isn’t the best counter vs GOATs. This strategy only works with a Pharah in the sky and on maps with lots of high ground. Maps such as Kings Row will still find GOATs to be superior in patch 1.29.

Q: Have you ever considered being part of pro Overwatch outside the realms of being a player? If yes, what role?

I have considered doing coaching or analysis but I’m just too busy streaming haha. I would love to be on a Blizzard sponsored pro team though. What I mean by that is, some gaming companies will have their own pro team for internal play-testing/development. I wish Blizzard had one and I wish I could be on that team to help create healthier patches/meta’s!

Q: What’s your prediction of the upcoming Overwatch League? Which new team excites you the most, and which teams should we be looking out for?

I am excited for D.C. because it is my local team! However, I don’t have any predictions. 🙁

Q: Care to share some quick thoughts and tips on Ashe?

My initial thought is that Ashe’s AoE damage will be quickly healed and cause enemy supports to gain ult charge really quickly. I almost think Ashe may become a reverse Road Hog in terms of feeding ultimates.

Quickfire section: In your opinion, name the best player for each Overwatch hero:

Zenyatta: Jjonak

Winston: Fissure

– D.Va: Space

– Tracer: Saebyeolbe

Reinhardt: Fissure

Zarya: Spree

Kephrii’s team in Contenders Pacific, GE Pantheon KR are currently flying high in their group, having won three out of their four matches and securing a spot in the playoff stage. Their next match is against New Paradigm before the teams prepare themselves for the playoff rounds.

In the meantime, you can watch his stream on Twitch or keep up to date with what he’s up to via Twitter.

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