Nintendo Switch ‘Netflix for Comics’ InkyPen Launching Today

As a comic book reader who lives outside of the US, I can’t rely on physical comics, so digital comics are my go-to medium and platform for my favorite pastime. The Nintendo Switch exclusive InkyPen app works like a ‘Netflix for comics.’ It launches today in the Nintendo eShop on December 17, 2018.

The InkyPen app offers thousands of comics from a wide selection of publishers and artists. This includes mainstream comic books, indie comics, webcomics, and perhaps even manga in the near future. Subscribers only have to pay $7.99 / €7.99 or the local equivalent.

Almost everything in the InkyPen comics catalog will be available worldwide, with some as-of-yet unspecified exceptions. More languages are planned to be added following its launch in English.

While it may be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch for now, the company is planning to support other platforms in the future. We’ll have to see how InkyPen fares in terms of accessibility and content compared to other services like Comixology Unlimited or Marvel Unlimited.

However, we should expect to see more indie comics than mainstream comics since that seems to be what the app is going for. Nevertheless, I believe that digital comics (just like digital games) are the future, and this app (if successful) will be another bold step towards that.



Author: Alleef Ashaari

Aspiring writer. Born in Amsterdam, raised in Malaysia. Comics are my passion. A gamer and science fiction enthusiast. PSN: AlleefAshaari

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