Singapore Earns Top Three Placing In Major Soulcalibur VI Tournament

The last major Soulcalibur VI worldwide tournament of the year was pretty spectacular to watch, even if its thunder was stolen by the Capcom Cup 2018 on the same weekend. That’s a shame, because Southeast Asia should witness the high-level play of Singapore’s top calibre player Raymus “Shen Yuan” Chang.

The Siegfried user made his country proud by cementing Singapore as a dominant force in Soulcalibur VI with fast stance-switching and fast broadsword-swiping play.

Unfortunately, it didn’t last. Pro player BxA Party Wolf figured out how his Siegfried worked and proceeded to use Kilik to deliver faster hits and crazy-long verticals that can match even Siegfried’s. Party Wolf has been a thorn on his side since winners semi-finals, and even up to loser’s final where he secured a 3-1 victory against the Singaporean.

Despite the loss, third place in a worldwide setting isn’t anything to scoff at. In fact, the fact he and his Singapore pro player troupe Shen Chan, Zerokage, and Shen Ou flew all the way for this US-based tournament prove that they’re on a mission to make Singapore (and Southeast Asia to an extent) relevant in the 3D fighting game space. So far, they’ve succeeded.

Here’s the full list of top 8 players and their standings.

2.BxA Party Wolf
3. Shen Yuan
4. Saiyne
5. Dragon
5. Kinetic Clash
7. Woahhzz
7. Bluegod

Other NEC 19 Soulcalibur VI highlights

Linkorz using the same Siegfried stance move over and over again on an unsure Party Wolf.

This staredown, with Party Wolf’s Kilik losing life bit by bit. Talk about nerves of steel.

When in doubt, just grapple.

Ringout strat comedy featuring Shen Yuan and Kinetic Clash.

Here’s a nice hype moment between Party Wolf and RTD.

Protip: Raphael can dodge Azwel’s spinerooni charge attack.

Azwel that ends well…

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