Leave it to the Philippines to get the big win in 2018’s very last major Southeast Asian tournament. The World Electronic Sports Games Southeast Asian Finals 2018 just finished and has itself a slew of new SEA champions who will be competing next year in the main WESG event in China.

Here’s what we gathered from the two days of esports awesomeness:

  • In total, The Philippines has won the most games in the tournament: they won first place in the CSGO Women’s Division battle, in Starcraft II, and in Dota 2.
  • Singapore’s Team Impunity won the Vainglory tournament, while Thailand’s Alpha Red won the main CS:GO tournament.
  • Malaysia’s Lalasong won the major Hearthstone event, while Indonesia’s Yukiusagi won the Hearthstone Women’s Division tournament.
  • To add on further, the CS:GO finals between Thailand’s Alpha Red and The Philippines’ TNC Predator is arguably the most-cheered and most-hyped CS:GO match in Southeast Asian history. Country cheers, plastic clappers-slapping galore, loud cheers after seeing multikills from either team: it’s pure magic.

Here is the full list of winners.

Hearthstone Women’s Division

1st: Yukiusagi (Indonesia)
2nd: Wolfsbanee (Singapore)
3rd: Caracute (The Philippines), Sookwan (Malaysia)


1st: Lalasong (Malaysia)
2nd: Staz (The Philippines)
3rd: Nammon (Thailand), Sequinox (Singapore)

Starcraft II

1st: Enderr (The Philippines)
2nd: Meomaika (Vietnam)
3rd: Lobo (Singapore), StrikE (Thailand)

CS:GO Women’s Division

1st: ArkAngel (The Philippines)
2nd: Phoenix (Singapore)
3rd: Felis Catus (Vietnam), Sphynx (Malaysia)


1st: Impunity (Singapore)
2nd: Elite 8 (Indonesia)
3rd: Phoenix (Malaysia), Soda Chanh (Vietnam)

Dota 2

1st: TNC Predator (The Philippines)
2nd: WG Unity (Malaysia)
3rd: BOOM ID (Indonesia), Veteran (Myanmar)


1st: Alpha Red (Thailand)
2nd: TNC Predator (The Philippines)
3rd: Frostfire (Malaysia), Revolution (Vietnam)

Yes, we do have videos of the WESG highlights. And yes, it’ll be out later this week, so stay tuned! In the meantime, placate yourself with the voice of Dato’ Sri Nurhaliza, one of Malaysia’s well-known pop idols.

Top image credit: WESG S.E.A


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