Publisher Wargaming and developer Mad Head Games have revealed our first glimpse of the gameplay in its upcoming action RPG hack-and-slash PC game, Pagan Online.

It certainly looks a lot like a cross between ARPGs like Diablo and MOBAs like Dota 2. The three characters unleashing mayhem and flashy special abilities in the Pagan Online gameplay teaser trailer are Anya, Istok, and Marco. Anya is the female character with the whip while Istok is the huge tanky guy with the enormous hammer. Marco is the one wielding an ax as his weapon of choice.

“With Pagan Online we’ve worked hard to deliver a fast-paced and intense combat system that’s easy to pick up but difficult to master,” said Uros Banjesevic, Co-founder and Creative Director of Mad Head Games. “We took inspiration from MOBAs to create unique characters with specific skills and specialties, and when you put them into this type of combat system you end up with a family of fighters that do different things well in different scenarios.”

Additionally, there will also be a focus on collecting loot, as well as experimentation with different combinations of skill boosts and buffs to accommodate your unique playstyle. Pagan Online also features multiple game modes and difficulties, as well as a lengthy single-player mode which will be constantly updated with episodic content expansions called “Battle Chapters”.

I appreciate the fact that the UI seems to be minimalist in nature, making the screen cleaner and easier on the eyes, especially with all the frantic action onscreen. The mini-map is also tucked in the top-right corner of the screen, without being obstructive or annoyingly placed.

Sign up to participate in the pre-launch tests ‘Trials’ by heading over to the official website here.


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