My Hero Academia Season 3 ended in September 2018 with the confirmation that Season 4 will be coming. Now we know when Season 4 will be making its debut, and it’s sometime in October 2019, which is less than one year from now.

The news was revealed earlier today on the anime’s official website (translated by Anime News Network). The first official art for the upcoming My Hero Academia Season 4 showcases protagonist Deku or Izuku Midoriya running alongside Mirio Togata or Lemillion. The tagline for the new season states,” I’ll become your hero!”

My Hero Academia Season 4

Deku only met Mirio for the first time near the end of Season 3 when the latter challenged Deku’s entire class to a fight (and proceeded to kick all of their butts). This pairing is also significant because Mirio was actually the top candidate for All Might’s successor and inheritor of the One For All quirk before Deku came along.

It’ll be interesting to see what comes out of this. I don’t read the manga so I have no idea what to expect from Season 4, aside from a new villain named Kai Chisaki or Overhaul. I don’t consider myself to be much of an otaku but I believe that My Hero Academia is the perfect anime for fans of western comics like myself (especially since My Hero Academia is clearly inspired by the concept of western comic book superheroes in general).



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