China made headlines and waves in the games industry a few months ago when the country announced that it will be suspending game approvals for an unconfirmed period of time. After approximately four months, the country has now declared that it will once again be resuming review of games for approval, as well as outlining the government’s plans for the Chinese games industry.

At the China Game Industry Annual Conference on December 21, 2018, Deputy Director of the Publications Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department Feng Shixin delivered a speech in which he outlined four major points to help steer the games industry in China.

1. Cultural Responsibility

Game developers and publishers should practice core values of socialism by creating and producing outstanding work. In doing so, they will have firm cultural self-confidence and a high degree of cultural consciousness.

2. Social Responsibility

Since the youth comprises the biggest chunk of gamer demographics, game developer and publishers should be socially responsible by prioritizing social benefits, protecting the rights of minors, as well as balancing “righteousness” and “profit” by paying attention to society.

3. Accelerate Industrial Transformation

Game developers and publishers should establish a level of quality and control the excessive growth of products. The Chinese government will regulate all instances of excessive profit-seeking, infringement plagiarism, and consumer fraud.

4. Promote Excellent Chinese Games Internationally

Game developers and publishers should learn from the good practices and experience of other countries and actively expand into the international market space. Additionally, they should learn how to improve in disseminating Chinese culture, promoting Chinese values, and embodying Chinese aesthetic tastes through the games.

It remains to be seen how all this will affect not only the games industry in China but also the global games industry as a whole. Here’s hoping that whatever happens will be ultimately better for both gamers and game developers/publishers.

(Source: Invenglobal)

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