I’m Desmond, one of the co-founders of The Gentlebros. We’re probably best known for Cat Quest, but we were all from Koei Tecmo too (where we worked on Fatal Frame, Dynasty Warriors and so on!).

I’ve been a gamer almost my whole life and don’t see myself stopping any time soon, so here are my top gaming things of 2018!

God of War

God of War New Game Plus Alleef

Being a fan of the original trilogy, this was such a departure and breath of fresh air, that I couldn’t help falling in love with it again. The story, attention to detail and gameplay were just exceptional, and it’s an adventure I wouldn’t soon forget!

Nintendo Switch


I know it technically didn’t come out in 2018, but the Switch has just been such a constant force in my life. It came at the perfect time where life just got too busy, and gaming infront of a TV got harder and harder. It helps that there were plenty of games to play on the Switch this year, and I’m super grateful for it!

Marvel’s Spiderman


What a wonderful game! Echoing the hundreds of reviews for this game, this game REALLY makes you feel like Spiderman! Even more so, it made me feel like a kid again, playing Spiderman 2 in the living room in my parent’s house. Those were great times…

Nier Automata


Again, I know it’s a 2017 game, but I only played it in 2018, so fight me! I had to put it in this list because I loved it so much. Everything from the game, to the story…to that genius ending. This game is truly a masterpiece that should be talked about for years to come. It also helps that Automata has the best soundtrack I’ve heard in my life.

Introducing Gaming To My Niece

Not so much a gaming news, but this really is one of the more memorable things from this year. My niece is still really young, but she’s just big enough to hold a controller, so I put one in her hands and introduced her to Mario and Donkey Kong.

She really liked it, and I play those games with her every time I see her now. It reminded me of how my brother introduced me to gaming, and to see that cycle continue really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Check out Gentlebros.’ Cat Quest on Steam and on mobile phones. Its sequel, featuring dogs because why not, is slated for 2019. 


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