J Hunter’s Favourite Gaming Things Of 2018


J Hunter is a livestreamer renowned for his fighting gamer-slash-caster-slash-analyzing skills.  He’s also known for pitting WWE ’19 versions of Malaysian politicians and kings against each other.

You can check out his streams & work here. For now, here’s his top 10 of 2018. 


10. A Way Out

Couch co-op lives through EA, out of all the developers & publishers out there. A game that forces you to team up with a friend to solve puzzles and fight your way through prison, drug dealers and cops, A Way out is a Hollywood buddy action movie you can play.

While it’s a bit short, the game is very engaging and emotionally satisfying.

9. Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Nintendo set out to bring the biggest Smash Bros game ever, and they smashed it.

8. Detroit: Become Human

I’m a sucker for slow-burning story-based games. Personal console bias aside, Sony is killing it in AAA titles this year.

7. Megaman 11

It’s no secret that I love platforming and Capcom titles. I love to speedrun Megaman, so this just falls naturally in the list.

6. Dead Cells

Again, I love platforming, especially if it’s a Metroidvania, and this game has that. Plus it makes my blood boil because it’s damn freaking hard.

5.Shadow Of The Colossus Remake


4.Marvel’s Spider-Man

THE best Spider-Man game out there deserves a lot of attention. Unfortunately, it had to share the spotlight with some of the best games, period.

3. Red Dead Redemption 2

I’m not a fan of Rockstar and open world games. But Red Dead Redemption 2 is a very well-polished game with great graphics, music, story, and gameplay.

2. Dragon Ball FighterZ

It’s hard to name a more enticing two-punch combo than “Dragon Ball” and “fighting”. Put Arc System Works in charge, maintain Akira Toriyama’s vision of the franchise, and Bandai Namco to publish it: winning formula right there.

It’s not surprising that DBFZ turned out the way it did.

1. God of War

To be honest, I didn’t expect to like God Of War as much as I did since while the previous titles were good, but it wasn’t really my cup of tea as I felt it tried too hard to be edgy and violent just for the sake of it.

But after the first confrontation with The Stranger, I was sold. The combat felt solid, every victory felt earned, the music moved my soul, dialogues were memorable (“Boy…”), and the story makes me yearn for more.

The fact that there are practically no DLCs so far and only eventual updates make it feel like its the most complete game out of the list.

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