What incredible power! Dragon Ball Super Broly has ascended beyond all other movies in the franchise as its earnings have exceeded 2 billion yen after only 11 days in Japan. In accomplishing this feat, the movie has sold approximately 1.5 million tickets in its home country.

According to the Mainichi Shimbun newspaper (via Anime News Network), approximately half of the movie’s total earnings to date was earned in its first three days of screening. Dragon Ball Super Broly studio Toei stated that the movie is expected to earn more than a whopping 5 billion yen.

Meanwhile, Dragon Ball Super Broly is slowly being released in regions outside of Japan, including Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia. Anime movies have always done relatively well in the SEA region, thanks to the popularity of manga/anime and the abundance of fans.

This Southeast Asian market will be particularly receptive towards Dragon Ball Super Broly, considering that it features fan-favorite antagonist Broly as well as the fact that the movie was written by Akira Toriyama himself (which means that it’s actually canon).

Personally, as a long-time Dragon Ball fan who’s been keeping up with the franchise’s latest developments, I found the movie to be one of the best. It has everything from earth-shattering fights and its trademark humor to some nostalgic flashbacks and even some character development. Head on over here for my full review of Dragon ball Super Broly.



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