For as long as I can remember, I’m always trying to fit together the best items to improve my gaming experience. This side-hobby has pushed me to look beyond gaming peripherals for the best experience.

Gaming peripherals simply don’t cut it and the recent RGB trend has put me off (here, here ~Editor). Here are my top 10 items currently on my desk and wishlist.

1. Rode NT USB


xThe common answer to microphones would typically be the Blue Yeti. However, I’ve come to learn that we don’t always need those bidirectional or omni-directional features.

The Rode NT USB is an alternative -a better one I would dare say- that will help you sound amazing when you’re screaming with your friends on Overwatch. Plug in secondary earphones into the available mic jack if you wish to separate voice comms from your main audio; I found this feature useful for World of Warcraft raids. 

2. Sennheiser GSX 1000 Audio Amplifier


When searching for great surround sound, I learn that one needs to spend not just on multiple speakers, but also possess a great room environment for it. The recent appearance of surround headsets compromise on sound qualityaudi or make the headsets too heavy.

That’s understandable when you’re trying to cram so much into a pair of cans. So here’s a smart way to do it: the GSX 100 audio amplifier is a 7.1 sound virtualizer that does all the processing OUTSIDE of the headphones, so you’re free to use whatever headset you wish! It also allows for switching between a set of speakers and headsets – great for anyone with dual audio set ups.

3. AudioTechnica AD900x


Audio Technica produced a number of great headphones in this series. They are lightweight, comfortable, and sound amazing. I picked that AD900X only because it had the largest soundstage amongst the other models. Pair this with the aforementioned Audio Amplifier and you’ll have an unbeatable 7.1 virtual surround setup. Fair warning, open ear cans do not isolate sound leakage.

4. Happy Hacking Keyboard


Touted possibly the best mechanical keyboard to ever exist to date. The Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB) is a Topre-switch mechanical keyboard that feels amazing to any typist. Designed largely for programmers and mac-users.

Many PC gamers have begun picking this keyboard up because of how good it feels to type on it. Some drawbacks include the lack of LED backlighting, a different keyboard layout that requires adjustment and practice.

Personally, those drawbacks held me back for only 2 weeks before I got used to it and never looked back. Do note this is also one of the most expensive keyboards to exist.

5. Hayate Artisan Mousepad


A no-frills mousepad crafted in Japan, the Hayate Artisan offers multiple surface types and hardness to suit various preferences. The one I have is a large sized, extra soft surface so it feels like running my mouse over a smooth pillow. Ideally, one should visit a store to try it, but they’re only available in Japan.

So for those of us who aren’t in the land of the rising sun, we’re shit out of luck, but I doubt that would stop anyone from purchasing one to try. I know it didn’t stop me at least.

6. AudioEngine a5+


Personally, I’ve never been satisfied with the speakers many have designed for the desktop. Couple with the fact that we watch movies at our PC these days, sound is very important to the immersive experience.

You will not get that from a pair of gaming speakers at all. So here comes this large pair of a5+ speakers by AudioEngine.

The company has a smaller a2 version designed for the desktops, but honestly just gun for these. I guarantee no regrets, and if you feel wealthy, pair them with a subwoofer for punchy bass that will rattle your room.

7. Xbox Wireless Adapter


The new and improved Xbox Wireless Adapter is sleeker, smaller and has a few new additional features like wireless stereo support, and connectivity of up to eight controllers at once. Great for those Overcooked sessions with friends.

Even if you would argue that there is never a case you would need to connect all 8 controllers, this new improved version is simply worth getting because it looks good.

8. Xbox Elite Controller


In my opinion, this is the best controller to get for the PC. I personally never liked the design layout of the PS4 controller, and the Steam controller, while it tried to do something cool, never really made sense to me.

The Xbox Elite controller puts the best of Xbox’s controller into your hands, and improves on it with adjustable buttons and many other bells and whistles. Also comes with a nice carrying case to protect your controller when you’re heading out for games. If you need a controller for the PC, this is the one to get.

9. LG SK8Y Atmos Sound Bar


With the emergence of ATMOS, games have begun to adopt this “surgically accurate” surround technology. What this means is we get to enjoy better quality surround by switching up to speakers that have the same tech as well. LG’s SK8Y is by far the most accessible set that doesn’t compromise on its soundstage.

The sound bar comes with a woofer as well, and if you’re lucky some stores are known to throw in rear speakers as a bonus!

10. Acer Predator XB321HK 4k Monitor


As we push towards the 4k gaming era, the minimum size to enjoy all that higher resolution should really be a 32-inch screen, nothing less. Which is why this Acer monitor checks all the right boxes with its IPS screen, 32-inch display, 165Hz max refresh and G-sync technology.

What does it not do?! The only thing we wish they would cut back on are the 2 x 2w speakers which we wouldn’t really be using at all (*hint hint to Acer). Its price on Amazon has been fluctuating of late, going to as high as US$999 to as low as US$699.

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