2019’s First Video Game Casualty Is Bowsette, According To Nintendo

Last September, we reported on a growing Malaysian-made phenomenon called Bowsette. To recap, Super Mario’s turtle demon arch-nemesis Bowser wears the Super Crown and turns into a sexy princess in fetish gear, tail and horns intact. The idea spawned off the Super Mario Bros. U trailer which features the Super Crown turning Toadette into Peachette.


In fact, fans and fan artists went nuts with the Super Crown idea working on other Super Mario characters like Boo.


Alas, Nintendo has officially shot down the Super Crown idea by way of an official New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe character descriptor. On the site, it’s been declared that only Toadette can wear the Super Crown, making all musings of other characters wearing the crown not approved by Nintendo.


Nintendo even went out to explicitly apologize to Luigi about this, which is implying that Mario’s brother is quite a troll in multiplayer New Super Mario, stealing other people’s powerups just because. Discrimination much?

Is this going to stop the fandom from creating more Super Crown softcore porn fanart? We doubt so, but at least we now know what Nintendo’s official stance is on the recent phenomenon that helped out sites like Pornhub.

Author: Team KKP

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