This could be a sad day for game audio and OST fans. Composer Jeremy Soule just announced that he is currently not involved in making music for The Elder Scrolls VI (via TheNerdMag).

Notice the framing of the sentence on the tweet; clearly the game is allegedly early in pre-production, so it’s not like they have anyone on standby for music yet. Chances are it’s just a “no confirmation” post for now until Bethesda is ready to show off their game in the far future. Or at least until the whole Fallout 76 mess dies down.

Speaking of which, I should do a special SoundScape episode on his works. But until then, you’ll have to settle for this…

The Awesomesauce Music Of Jeremy Soule (via YouTube)

Let’s take a trip back to the past, where a Squaresoft game called Secret of Evermore debuted. This was Soule’s earlier works when he’s not working on the music of Freddi Fish, Putt-Putt, and Pajama Sam.

You can sense the hint of epicness in this calm and serene “Cartown” theme that the man’s destined for bigger and better things. Swear to god.

…and this is the real reason why Jeremy Soule is one of the best Western video game music composers of all time: the themes from the Icewind Dale games still resonates among every old-school CRPG player out there.

Since then, he’s had his hands full with many fantasy and triple-A game scores like the Dungeon Siege series, the Guild Wars titles, and even that one cool Warhammer 40k squad-based RTS title.

To cap off this short list, here are his most notable Elder Scrolls themes. Surprise, surprise; they’re all exploration music featuring lots of harps, string, and wind instruments.

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