The Second Last Telltale Walking Dead Game Episode Teases A Familiar Face

Skybound Games has released a new trailer for the upcoming third episode of The Walking Dead The Final Season, which is going to be the first episode of the franchise not to be developed by Telltale Games.

The Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 3, titled “Broken Toys,” directly follows the aftermath of the events that transpired in Episode 2, “Suffer The Children.” Things start to get even darker as the trailer begins with Clementine and young AJ torturing Abel to find out where Lily took their friends.

The rest of the episode is a sneak peek at what looks to be an epic assault on Lily’s base by using actual Walkers as distractions. In the process, Clementine also has to learn how to walk alongside the Walkers as one of them, just like the Whisperers themselves (who have adapted to living and surviving amongst hordes of Walkers).

After all the action and emotional beats, the trailer ends with what seems to be a flashback sequence from the very first season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead. In an open train ride, we can see Lee and young Clementine together again. It’s heartbreaking to hear Lee calling Clem by her nickname, “sweetpea,” after all these years.

As a reminder, the PC version of The Walking Dead The Final Season is now an Epic Games Store exclusive. However, this doesn’t apply to those who already own the PC version on other platforms like Steam, nor does it affect console owners in any way.

Check out the trailer for The Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 3 “Broken Toys” below. It releases on for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC next week on 15 January 2019.


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