Former Blizzard Employee Reveals Racial Abuse and Discrimination Within Company

Blizzard Entertainment has received allegations of an unhealthy working environment, with a former employee has revealed racial abuse and discrimination happening within the company.

Julian Murillo-Cuellar worked in the Hearthstone esports division in Blizzard since 2016 and it was a harrowing experience for him, which he detailed in a long Twitlonger post yesterday. He claimed that he was forced to work ungodly hours while being abused by inappropriate ‘jokes’ about his Mexican heritage.

He also wrote how one of his female superiors, most notably Hearthstone Esports Team member Gemma Barreda, “would joke about my sexism, or natural inclination to be sexist, due to my heritage: having been born Mexican and raised in Mexico…” This alleged continued abuse contributed to his deteriorating physical and mental health, to the point that he considered ending his life on several occasions due to anxiety and depression.

Over the years, Julian Murillo-Cuellar claimed that he tried to report the racial abuse and discrimination but they were largely ignored. He also mentioned that “other current and former alumni have confessed similar or worse treatment and nothing being done.”

At the time of writing, Blizzard Entertainment has not released an official response to the allegations by Julian Murillo-Cuellar. Stay tuned on Kakuchopurei for future updates.


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