What We Know About The PlayStation 5 So Far

This news story is still developing, at least until Sony PlayStation makes it official…

While hardware sales for the PlayStation 4 remain stellar even now, Sony’s console is definitely nearing the end of its life-cycle after more than 5 years since its initial launch. The world is already gearing up for the next generation of consoles.

The next PlayStation, whether it be the PlayStation 5 or PS5 or something else, is likely to be announced sometime this year. As of now, Sony has revealed next to nothing about its eventual successor to the PS4. We know it’s currently in development and that it is inevitably coming.

There have been many, MANY rumours about what features or specifications the PS5 would have but confirmed details are scarce. Here’s what we do know so far:

  • The PS5 developer kit reportedly exists, and third-party developers have actually received it since the beginning of 2018. For more details and information, head on over here.
  • Reports claim that the PS5 will be running on AMD’s next generation Navi GPU and the AMD Zen processor for its CPU. Virtual reality might be a key feature of the console from the start; not a later addition like the PS4. For more details and information, head on over here.
  • Several companies have seemingly started hiring for the development of next-gen games. The most recent example of this includes publisher Activision and developer Infinity Ward, who recently posted a job listing to work on AAA next-gen games. Perhaps a new next-gen Call of Duty title is already in the works.

With Sony leaving behind E3 for the first time ever and choosing to hold its own exclusive event down the line, we have no doubt that the company is planning something huge in 2019.

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