Here’s How You Can Play The Resident Evil 2 1-Shot Demo [Update]

Update: Added in a method to circumvent the demo’s 30-minute restriction, as well as a speedrun video from YouTube user SVINT & a few others. 

With the Resident Evil 2 reboot coming out soon on 25 January, it’s no surprise that there’s a demo coming out soon. In fact, it’ll be available from 11 January to 31 January, for the PC (via Steam), PS4, and Xbox One.

The catch? The demo will last 30 minutes. We’ll break it down:

  • You have 30 minutes to play the demo in its entirety. You have one shot at this.
  • If you die halfway through the game, you can still continue.
  • If you finished the mission objective, you can still continue exploring the Raccoon City Police Department.
  • Once your 30 minutes are up, the demo is locked. You can’t play it anymore.
  • The demo runs via online DRM and allows one playthrough per account.
  • Basic protips of the demo: conserve bullets, don’t attempt to kill everything, run > fight, remember to use the quick turn command a lot.
  • Feel like the timer’s a bit much for the demo? Why not reset the demo timer on the Steam version instead? Here’s how; it involves using a trainer.

Have fun! Also, if you want to speedrun the heck out of this game, look at these videos below.

Author: Mr Toffee

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