Ubisoft has recently announced its partnership with Epic Games to bring its upcoming multiplayer loot-hoarding shooter The Division 2 onto the Epic Games store. The game is slated for launch on 15 March. And yes, it’ll still be on Ubisoft’s online store.

This basically means that Ubisoft is ditching Valve’s Steam platform in favour of Epic’s new baby. If that doesn’t bother you, then you can go pre-order the game now. You can buy the standard, gold, and ultimate editions of the game, and it’ll come with the standard Ubisoft Uplay and Epic online services you’ve come to know and love(?).

If you pre-order the game on the Epic service from here on out, you can get guaranteed access to the game’s private beta ahead of launch. If you pre-ordered the game elsewhere before the whole Epic Games partnership, your access to the beta is still counted.

So how do you feel knowing that Ubisoft’s upcoming baby is not on Steam anymore? Let us know how irate/pleased you are with this new development.

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