Many of you are wondering about Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding game, a title which features babies powering folks like Mads Mikkelsen, stealth, and probably some courier work. I’m just as lost as most of you, in other words.

Thank goodness there’s some development going on with the title, as Hideo Kojima visited Killzone/Horizon: Zero Dawn makers Guerilla Games to show off a build of Death Stranding. This is Kojima’s way of saying thanks to Guerilla Games three years ago when they gave him a copy of the company’s DecimaEngine to help bring his vision to life; the same custom game engine that powered Horizon: Zero Dawn.

This was documented on Guerilla founder Hermen Hulst’s Twitter feed:

In related news, Kojima Productions head of marketing and communications Aki Saito said that there will be new information on the game coming soon this quarter. All you have to do is bump up his Twitter social media count to 30k and beyond.

As of right now, his follower count is 18.8k at this time of writing. So hop to it, fanboys!

Isn’t it nice to see developers getting along? Why not let bygones be bygones, Konami?


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