Justin Wong is synonymous to fighting games. When he’s not taking fools down easily in the Marvel Vs. titles while unintentionally inspiring others to “never give up”, he’s busy getting that Street Fighter V money and acclaim, placing at least top 8 in major tournaments with his fancy-ass Menat play.

Taking the advice of Mister Mister, Justin Wong is taking his broken wings and learning to fly again so free (like a free agent). Okay, they’re not broken, but he was under the Echo Fox brand for quite a while. The news was made public on his personal Twitter feed a few hours ago.

The message reads:

“I’m here to announce I am currently a free agent and I have not resigned with @echofoxgg.They are an amazing team and wish them the best but I want to see what other opportunities are out there. DMs are open for everyone. Please spread the word would love to find a new home.”

Echo Fox recently parted ways with the majority of their acquired players last year like Momochi, Punk, JDCR, Scar, Saint, and Theo.


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