Love Super Saiyans but want an action RPG loot-hoarding fiesta attached to it? Well your prayers have been answered.

Thanks to a recent Bandai Namco tweet, the development team will start making a Dragon Ball Z action RPG dubbed “Dragon Ball Game Project Z: Action RPG”. Guess they haven’t settled on a kick-ass title yet. But still, if it’s an action RPG, that can mean something along the lines of Dark Souls or Diablo, but with Dragon Ball and energy projectiles aplenty.

Oh, and we’re getting this Universe 11 guy in Dragon Ball FighterZ.


More information will be revealed at the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals in 26-27 January. So why is Jiren a big deal? Because it took the combined might of Goku, his mortal enemy Frieza who came back from the dead just for this, and Android 17 to take down this brute who keeps getting stronger by the minute.

This last fight in Dragon Ball Super is a choreographed thing of beauty and will most probably be re-enacted in DBFZ.

The full tweet below.


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