There’s a lot of hype surrounding Ubisoft’s mass multiplayer shooter title set in a semi-realistic dystopian future where the US is in disarray. If Tom Clancy was still alive, he’d probably sanction this military storyline involving a smallpox epidemic hidden via laced money and a sleeper agent group who defends the United States from terrorist threats like this.

Division 2 continues the “Green Poison” plot.

The game takes place 7 months after the first, where the Division now knows the source of the Green Poison/Dollar Flu and the motives behind it. The bad guy this time is rogue agent Aaron Keener who wishes to continue the mission of the virus’ creator. The story now takes place in the summertime weather of Washington, D.C.

The story and scenario will be like the Civil War, where the Division who represent the old government is fighting against the corrupt leaders of the new one.


Players will experience a more improved open world experience.

Ubisoft loves their open world games; Division 2 is no different. Players will have a large map with storyline missions, side missions, and random encounters to progress through; they have the option to either team up or take it on alone. All of them involves you pacifying violent factions before they take control of a divided Washington D.C.

Players can choose to lean towards either three specializations: Sniper, Demolition, and Survivalist. Each of them come with their perks and bonuses depending on the weaponry you use often.

Oh, and let’s not forget the endgame eight-man raids that players will get to experience. Whether they’ll be available on launch or on a later date remains to be seen.

The weapons system will be more distinct.

Ah yes, the reason why people play these open world loot-hoarding games. Weapons will be further differentiated in this sequel. For instance, rifles will have their own category ranging from semi-automatics to burst fire guns. The Exotic-level weapons will be more distinct.

The Mod system in the first Division will return, but instead of looting or finding them, you now have to unlock them. Grenade loadouts will be reduced to two this time around, and you can only use concussion grenades from levels 1 to 29. When you reach 30, you can equip either a flashbang, incendiary, or fragmentation grenade.


The Dark Zone may be multi-tiered

At least, according to a recently-leaked Division 2 video that was taken down really quickly. Players will get to fight in both a West and East side of the game’s Dark Zone. The PvP modes will probably remain.

Your Division 1 progress will not carry over

Sad to say, you’ll have to start from scratch in Division 2, though you will get some new rewards and shields to help jumpstart your new sleeper agent carrier.

The Private Beta will start this February

If you’re interested to see the game in action, you can join The Division 2 private beta that will last from 7th February to 11th February.

Ubisoft will still sell a buttload of editions

Because that’s how they roll, for good or ill. Here are the versions of Division 2 on sale.

  • The “Gold Edition”” (US$99.99) includes all of the above and a “Year 1 Pass” which gives holders access to the new ‘Year One’ episodes seven days before everyone else gets them and the game itself three days before launch. The Ubisoft store also has a steelbook version of this for US$109.99.
  • The digital-only “Ultimate Edition” (US$119.99) includes the pass, the early access and then three more packs of bonus digital content (skins, weapons, emotes and such, for a total of four packs).
  • The “Dark Zone Collector’s Edition” (US$189.99) offers the three-day early access, the pass, the in-game content packs, a map, a soundtrack, an art book and a collectable statue, all in a special box.
  • The “Phoenix Shield Collector’s Edition” (US$249.99) includes the three-day access, the pass, the content packs, all four of the in-game content packs, a steelbook and an articulated figurine, and the soundtrack, artbook and map. It’s only available through Ubisoft’s online store.

The Division 2 will be out later this March

15 March to be precise. If you want a military guerilla version of Destiny, you may want to check this game out.



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