Overwatch Embraces Romance of the Three Kingdoms for This Year’s Chinese New Year Event

Overwatch is back with the Chinese New Year limited-time event this year. In 2017, we got a Journey to the West theme while last year was the four elements. This time around, the folks at Blizzard went full on with 14th-century historical novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

So far, they’ve revealed three highly-detailed skins for Reaper, Hanzo, and Reinhardt respectively; all inspired by characters featured in the novel which is set in the years towards the end of the Han dynasty – each with a story befitting of the heroes that are set to don the skins.

Let’s get on to this quick history lesson. The first one to be revealed was Reaper in his ‘Lü Bu’ skin.

In the novel, Lü Bu was a military general and warlord who lived during the late Eastern Han dynasty of Imperial China. Originally a minor subordinate to a warlord Ding Yuan during that period, Lü Bu, like Reaper, betrayed his comrades – killing Ding and later on, several others en route to his rise to prominence. While he’s known to be a mighty warrior, he frequently betrays his allies. Classic Gabriel Reyes behaviour that.

Next up is Huang Zhong Hanzo.

A master military strategist, Huang Zhong served as one of the Five Tiger Generals under the warlord Liu Bei and is best known for his victory at the Battle of Mount Dingjun. Based on our quick research, Huang Zhong seemed to lead a noble life with a stacked military career.

Unlike Lü Bu whose personality somewhat resembled Reaper, we struggled to find any parallels between Huang Zhong and Hanzo – save for their names which roll off the tongue in a similar manner.

We seriously doubt that Hanzo mains using the Huang Zhong skin would have any improvements in the tactical thinking department. They will be killed multiple times while trying to attempt that six-kill dragon ult.

Finally, we have ‘Peerless Beard’ Geezer.

Just like Huang Zhong, Guan Yu also served as one of the Five Tiger Generals under Liu Bei. You probably have seen his representation many times over in pop culture or Dynasty Warrior games – he’s the huge dude in green armour sporting a majestic beard while lugging around an equally majestic looking glaive – the Green Dragon Crescent Blade.

Oft portrayed to be a kind yet reliable fighter – we can’t think of a better Overwatch hero to embody this character and in our books, is the best looking one of the three revealed so far.

The Overwatch Year of the Pig timed event starts 24th January 2019.

* We’ll be honest with you; we aren’t experts in Romance of the Three Kingdoms (or any forms of romance in that matter) – so we’d really appreciate if you can inform us of any mistakes or misinterpreted information shared regarding the classic novel. 

So which one is your favourite Chinese New Year Overwatch hero skin? Which historical figure you’d love to see embodied next? Sound off in the comments section below.


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