Insomniac Games recently teased that something ‘Fantastic’ would be making its way to Marvel’s Spider-Man, and it looks like it has arrived. According to several websites and players, the latest Spider-Man PS4 patch 1.14 has supposedly added two new Fantastic Four-related suits, which includes the Future Foundation and Bombastic Bag-Man suits.

Take a look at them below, courtesy of Resetera user Chopin the Third.

For those who don’t know, the Future Foundation Spider-Man suit has long been a fan-favorite, as it was from a time when Spidey joined the Fantastic Four in place of the deceased Johnny Storm AKA the Human Torch. This was requested by Johnny himself in his last will and testament, as Peter Parker was one of his closest friends.

The Fantastic Four was then known as the Future Foundation. All members wear costumes with the same black and white scheme, hence why Spider-Man adopted their colors. It’s made of unstable molecules, so it can change to other clothing at will or even turn into an uber-cool black stealth mode.

Meanwhile, the Bombastic Bag-Man (also known as the Amazing Bag-Man) only appeared in a single comic book issue, in which Spidey was left without a costume after Reed Richards helped him remove the Venom symbiote. Due to that, Johnny Storm gave him a spare Fantastic Four suit with a ‘Kick Me’ sign on its back, a brown paper bag as a makeshift mask and no shoes. This combination became an instant classic.

At the time of writing, the Spider-Man PS4 1.14 patch is not yet available for download here in Malaysia, and probably the rest of Southeast Asia/Asia. Players who have posted screenshots of the new suits online are mostly from European countries. Fret not, for the update will certainly arrive sooner or later. Stay tuned on Kakuchopurei for the latest news!

(Image Credit: @PeteyReilly from Twitter)



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