I had to double-check my calendar and made sure it wasn’t the 1st of April when I heard this tidbit: some loving couple from the Philippines are naming their baby boy after their favourite gaming brand: Razer.

Clearly, they’re fans of gaming. I do have some pressing questions:

  • Apart from the free Razer Phone 2 they’re getting, are the family getting any other lifetime benefits? Discounts? Naming your child after a company is quite a commitment.
  • If he has siblings, will they be named RGBT, Chroma, or DeathAdder? That would be sweet.
  • If he grows up to emulate his namesake, will he start charging triple for simple freelancing assignments?

Truth be told, there are worse names than Razer; he can be the next “Raz” or something. Besides, if the parents really wanted to make their child’s life a living hell or denounce him as a troglodyte, they would have named him Armaggeddon.


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