Respawn’s Free-To-Play Battle Royale, Apex Legends, Is Available Now!

So, the rumours were true, and here we are, with a fresh battle royale shooter from Respawn Entertainment epically titled Apex Legends available to download right now on Origin for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Right now, it is only available in the United States PS Store as of now It’s now available on the Malaysian PS Store! The free-to-play game is set in the Titanfall universe featuring a roster of unique characters, squad-centric gameplay, innovative mechanics, and more.


Apex Legends is unprecedented compared to the other battle royale games on the market. It features a hero-shooter system. Players have the option to choose among 8 Legends – each with their own unique skillset – and as battle royale goes, last team standing on the Outlands brings victory home.

The Outlands: peaceful now, until the Legends drop:

Players can choose Legends like Bloodhound, the tracker class who can detect recent enemy activity on the battlefield giving the players precious intel on their immediate surroundings, or Lifeline, the combat medic who can summon a shield to protect and rapidly revive downed teammates. As usual in a battle royale game, teamwork is crucial but in Apex Legends, a balanced team can go further to secure the win. Each Legend is easy to pick up but requires effort to master.

Check out Bloodhound’s predatory instincts…

…or Lifeline’s support-oriented combat methods:

Group Therapy

The game introduces various genre-leading innovations even from the get-go. Once players are ready, squad leaders can choose their drop point with the Jumpmaster system, allowing squad leaders to have complete control over exactly where the entire squad drops. Players can opt for a high-risk high-reward approach, dropping into a marked hot spot where high loot is abundant but risk facing other teams, or play it safe and drop far from the action, picking off unwary targets in relative safety.

Apex Legends also introduces more innovations such as:

  • Respawn Beacons, a one-time use location scattered around the playing field where defeated teammates can be revived,
  • a contextual Ping system that simplifies call-outs to weapons, enemies, locations and more with a simple push of a button,
  • a smart inventory system that automatically attaches gear and attachments to appropriate weapons once picked up by the player.

It creates a one-of-a-kind battle royale experience, and with Respawn’s excellent track record, we are confident that the game will deliver a fun experience.

If you’re still having doubts, check out the gameplay trailer featured below:

The inaugural season of Apex Legends is slated to begin in March and would provide the opportunity for players to purchase the Battle Pass, providing players access to exclusive cosmetic items earned through gameplay. The game is projected to follow a seasonal model with each themed season bringing fresh content in form of new weapons, new Legends, new cosmetic items and many more

Apex Legends is available to download now on Origin for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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