Here’s What To Expect From Anthem’s Endgame Post-Launch

Bioware has announced that it’s planning to support its upcoming game with constant post-launch updates called ‘Acts’. These Acts will expand on Anthem‘s storylines by adding new locations, gameplay features, and more. This means that after finishing Anthem‘s main story, players can look forward to a bunch of endgame content.

Anthem‘s Act 1 ‘Echoes of Reality’ will be launching sometime in March, and players who complete the game’s first Act will be able to experience a Cataclysm; which is described as a limited-time event that comes with extreme weather, new enemies, and new mysteries to solve.

Anthem Endgame 1

Here’s what we know about Anthem‘s endgame content so far:

  • The Pilot level cap is currently set at 30, but players may still continue to upgrade their Javelins adding higher-level and more powerful gear to their loadout.
  • There will be six levels of difficulty in Anthem, including Easy, Normal, Hard, Grand Master, Grand Master 2, and Grand Master 3. The last three tiers of difficulty can only be unlocked once players reach the Pilot level cap of 30.
  • A variety of endgame mission types will be made available for players. These include contracts and legendary contracts given by different factions(which will grant access to better crafting blueprints), as well as daily, weekly, and monthly challenges that will reward crafting material and coins.
  • Players can gather their squad to raid Strongholds, featuring some of the highest-leveled challenges and enemies in the game, which will yield the best loot in the game.
  • All of the aforementioned mission types can also be tackled randomly through Anthem‘s free-roaming Freeplay mode, where players can explore the world at their own leisure.

Anthem Endgame 2

As of now, two more unrevealed Acts will follow Act 1 ‘Echoes of Reality’. Anthem is slated to release for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on 22 February 2019. In the meantime, check out the video breakdown of Anthem‘s endgame content below, and our first impressions of the game from the recent demo here.


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