GameCloud Announced, Hailed As Netflix Of Gaming

Game streaming is improving year by year, especially with options currently available like PlayStation Now, Xbox Game Pass, Google’s Project Stream, and more. The road to the future of gaming is paved with advancements in streaming technology.

To that end, Emerge Gaming has announced GameCloud, a new game streaming technology developed by Cloudzen that’s being hailed as the ‘Netflix of Gaming’. It not only offers simple and instant streaming of hundreds of high-quality games on mobile devices but also the following features:

  • Interactive social group and in-game chat functionality
  • Ability to stream directly to Twitch from mobile devices
  • Interactive esports streaming functionality
  • Offer movies and live entertainment streaming as well
  • Overlay of e-commerce and advertising in stream functionality
  • Streams of 4G networks
  • Compatible with all video games
  • Accessible on mid-level smart devices

GameCloud is still being slowly rolled out worldwide, starting with regions including South Africa, USA, UK, South America, Africa, India, and Australia. The GameCloud technology was recently demonstrated at the 5G Garage Centre in Singapore, proving that the new streaming technology is already compatible with 5G cellular tech.

While the press release mentions no plans for distribution in Southeast Asia yet, it is highly likely that GameCloud technology will be made available to more parts of the world as more regions start to adopt the 5G network. It will be fascinating to see how GameCloud will ultimately affect mobile gaming and the esports industry in the near future.

“I’m confident and excited about the launch in the markets we have agreed, as this revolutionary technology will set the stage for innovation in the gaming/esports space,” said Emerge Gaming CEO Greg Stevens.

Cloudzen is a cloud gaming company based in Singapore, which aims to create a platform where players can play graphically-intensive games via mobile devices without requiring powerful computers. In the meantime, check out this promo video of what to expect from GameCloud when it launches.



Author: Alleef Ashaari

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