There’s A New Titanfall Game Coming, But…

As Respawn surprised us with Apex Legends, they also surprised us when they announced they weren’t making a new Titanfall game, as they were focused on Apex Legends in terms of Titanfall games. However, that is only a fraction of the picture.

The bigger picture is seen when EA reveals, in their earnings call, that there would be a new Titanfall game this year, aside from Apex Legends, but with a ‘twist’.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson highlighted the stellar overnight success of Apex Legends in what is a bad year for EA. Wilson said in a prepared remark that “As the live service evolved, Respawn also plans to launch a premium game this year that is a new twist on the Titanfall universe. More to come on that in the months ahead.”

Premium game. That’s definitely spells paid title, unlike Apex Legends which is free-to-play, which could mean Titanfall 3!

With all the great news though, there are tons of speculations to make. Whether we’re receiving a direct sequel or a new story, or a new form of a game in the Titanfall universe, is still unclear. According to Kotaku, we’re supposed to see Titanfall 3 this year, but Respawn held back due to the ancient nature of the Source engine in the rather evolving landscape of gaming engines and speculated that the game is cancelled since Respawn’s stated that they are not developing the game.

Whatever it is, the players can only wait and see what will Respawn churn out this year, as they are also working on Jedi: Fallen Order, a Star Wars game slated for release later this year, which EA reconfirmed today.

In the meantime, why don’t you play Respawn’s version of battle royale, Apex Legends, and emerge as the champion with our ever-updated guide.

Author: Syazwan Bahri

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