Total War Three Kingdoms Delayed Yet Again

Sega and Creative Assembly have delayed Total War Three Kingdoms yet again. Its initial release date of 7 March 2019 has been pushed back several months later to 23 May 2019. The reason for this delay was explained in a new developer blog post yesterday.

Total War Three Kingdoms is basically being delayed because it’s more “complex” than past entries in the franchise, owing to its new “revolutionary features”. The developer admits that while fans will surely be disappointed by this latest delay, it is ultimately for the best for the game (and the players).

The additional few months will be used to fix bugs, “getting the localization right”, and to polish the game even further. Creative Assembly confirms that pre-orders won’t be affected, besides the fact that the game will be arriving much later than intended.

As a massive history buff and Total War fan myself, I’ve been looking forward to the franchise’s next major historical title since 2015’s Total War Attila. However, this delay will mean a more optimized and polished game at launch, thus avoiding the same buggy mess situation that 2013’s Total War Rome 2 was when it originally launched years ago.

In the meantime, check out everything we know so far about Total War Three Kingdoms here, including those aforementioned “revolutionary features” and playable factions. Here’s the latest epic trailer for the upcoming game, revealing the 12th and final faction led by the tyrant Dong Zhuo.


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