Apex Legends roadmap revealed, and something else too…

Apex Legends is looking truly great, amassing 25 million unique players as of today, with a peak of 2 million concurrent players, and yet, Respawn Entertainment won’t stop improving the game, a hallmark of a great developer!

Apex Legends will be following a season pass model, not unlike Fortnite. The inaugural season would kick off on March, while the second season, which we may be seeing new Legends, will start in June. Season 3 would start in September and the last season in 2019 would begin in December.

As usual, all these cosmetics can be unlocked through gameplay alone, however, the battle pass would award you some goodies too.

But wait, that’s not all the news we’ll be reporting today! Data miners have taken a peek at the in-game files and found some clues that would lead to something rather exciting.


According to a reliable Fortnite data miner, ShiinaBR, there are files that make a reference to a ‘solo mode’ and a ‘two-man squad’, although there are no signs or official announcements in the roadmap that the modes would actually be implemented at all. Then again, with the success of the game, and the massive number of players, we just might see these modes making an appearance one time in the future.

Respawn and EA has also announced that a new Titanfall is in the works.

With a strong and detailed roadmap ahead of us, I hope this is Respawn’s plan of hyping up the franchise before following up with Titanfall 3 in the future.

Author: Syazwan Bahri

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