Here’s When You Can Join The Division 2 Open Beta

I dug The Division 2’s private beta session. Of course, the previous session was meant for those who pre-ordered the game. For those who want to check it out for free, you’re in luck!

Ubisoft is hosting a public beta session of the game from 1st to 4th March.  No doubt it’ll have the same features and missions from the private session, like:

  • A couple of main story missions with a few sidequests and control points to complete and liberate,
  • A sneak peek at the endgame featuring pre-made Level 30 characters and  their respective loadouts,
  • A small section of the game to explore in, tailor-made for soldiers up to Level 7.

To access the open beta, you’ll need to install the client via UPlay. So far, there’s no information on when players can pre-download the open beta, so you’ll have to stay tuned on the game’s beta page.

Did I forget to mention that we loved the private beta of the game? You should read all about it!


Author: Mr Toffee

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