Bring Some Love In Apex Legends’ Latest Update & Limited-Time Event

Love is in the air today as it’s Valentine’s Day. This is the day where couples show affection to each other, while lonely people like me stick to what I do best. Video games!

And what’s a better way to play Apex Legends with some new updates from Respawn! They never stop delivering, do they?

Respawn Entertainment added the first substantial update to Apex Legends today with the introduction of a limited time Valentine’s Day event as well as squishing some bugs and improved performance overall.

The small update today marks the start of the event and the limited-time event offers players a “Live Die Live” Banner Badge reward if they can revive a squad member between February 13th to February 19th.

There are also a, ehem, couple of love-themed skins in the store. One for the Longbow appropriately named “Through The Heart” and a Pathfinder Banner Frame titled “Love of the Game“.

Some Tweaks & Balances Too

Fixes were rolled out in this patch too.

For example, the Arc Star now shows a grenade warning indicator. The world, King’s Canyon, has also received a fix that addresses a number bugs with map geometry like holes you could fall through and areas that players could get stuck in plus a bunch of other polish issues.

Another big fix is that the death box would now stay on the supply ship after death. Previously, it would float away in the event of a fallen player, and this caused complications in reviving a teammate. Unless you’re Pathfinder, of course.

The bulk of the update came in the form of stability improvements and bug fixes as listed below:

  • Various improvements and tweaks to UI.

  • Extended timeout that was causing players with slower hard drives to crash.

  • Addressed a number of client and server stability issues.

  • Fixed exploit where you could keep duplicating items in your inventory.

  • Addressed a number of stability and performance issues.

  • Fixed issue where players would get a gray screen in lobby when connecting for the first time.

  • Fixed issue where your friends list showed all your friends as offline and unable to party.

  • Shortened duration of Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather clones to remain in the world by 1 second.

Now, the last one looks like a nerf, but the clones only show where the enemy was when the ability is triggered, thus having the image on the screen for a shorter time should make it less confusing for Bloodhound and his teammates to track the enemies.

Respawn ended their patch notes by saying that they still have a lot of work to do and would put an effort to fix disconnects and crashes as well as improve stability and performance and provide more visibility for everyone.

That’s a wholesome patch added into the game. But the one that matters most is that Mozambique buff we’ve been waiting for. Now that gun really needs love. Bad.

Author: Syazwan Bahri

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