Overwatch League Season 2 Day-1 , Week 1 Predictions

The second season of the Overwatch League kicks off tomorrow morning with its Week 1 matches. Four matches will be played daily starting from tomorrow all the way til next Monday and will include all twenty teams , including eight new ‘expansion franchises’.

If you’re still not up to date with where the teams stand in terms of strengths and their chances this season, fret not as we created an easy to follow Power Rankings here.

Today, however, we are going to put our analyst hats on to predict the outcomes of the first four matches which starts at 8am Kuala Lumpur/ Singapore / Hong Kong time on Friday the 15th, 2019.

Match 1: Philadelphia Fusion vs London Spitfire – 8am

What better way to start the new season with the match that ended the previous one. A rematch of Season 1’s Grand Finals, the Fusion are surely baying for revenge after losing soundly to the Spitfire 0-2 (1-6 in total map differential) last July. However, like during the inaugural season’s Grand Finals, we still don’t see the results going their way as the Spitfire are a better team in every aspect. Some analyst would predict a tight match but in our books, it’s gonna be a comfortable win for the Spitfire.

Prediction: Spitfire 3-1

spitfire logo

Match 2: New York Excelsior vs Boston Uprising – 930am

If you asked us to predict this game around late Stage 3/ early Stage 4 of Season 1, we’d have a hard time picking the winner. But over six months down the road, the situation is very different and we can’t even imagine seeing the Uprising nicking off even a map from the NYXL. The gulf between the team is so far apart right now that nothing but a whitewash is on the cards.

Prediction: NYXL 4-0

nyxl logo

Match 3: Seoul Dynasty vs Los Angeles Gladiators – 11am

Our match of the day as Winston-God Fissure goes up against his former team, the Gladiators. Having almost single-handedly upgraded the Gladiators from a mid-tier team to genuine contenders following his move from the Spitfire during the early stages of last season, cracks appear between Fissure and his new team as he was left out from all of their playoff matches. Now in a more familiar setting surrounded by his fellow Koreans in Seoul Dynasty, we have no doubt that Fissure is back to his best, bringing that much needed aggressive tank play that the Seoul sorely lack throughout their disappointing first season.

Prediction: Dynasty 3-1

dynasty logo

Match 4: Shanghai Dragons vs Hangzhou Spark – 1230pm

The Dragons aim to finally break that big fat zero in their 0-40 record with their first ever Overwatch League win over the newcomers Hangzhou Spark. Meanwhile, the Spark, filled with eager talent all around aim to stamp their mark early in the scene with a winning start and there’s no better team to face than the winless Shanghai Dragons. It will be a tight match but in our opinion, we’d be witnessing a historic event tomorrow as the Dragons finally break that notorious streak for a convincing win over the newcomers.

Prediction: Dragons 3-2 

dragons logo

You can catch all the matches live tomorrow via Twitch.

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