The Carol Corps Assembled At The Captain Marvel Fan Event In Singapore

Captain Marvel fans from all over Asia (let’s call them the Carol Corps) assembled at the recent Captain Marvel Fan Event at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, marking the movie’s cast and directors’ one and only stop in Asia on their global press tour.

These lucky members of the Carol Corps managed to meet not only Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson but also Samuel L. Jackson, Gemma Chan, as well as the directors of the movie, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck.

Captain Marvel Fan Event Stan Lee

The hype and anticipation were so intense that many of them have even waited since earlier in the morning despite the fact that the Captain Marvel Fan Event only started opening its doors after 5pm.

Before the event officially began, a heartwarming tribute to the late Stan Lee appeared on screens, stating “Thank You Stan”, as well as “1922-2018” and the legend’s favorite catchphrase, “Excelsior!”. It was a bittersweet and heartfelt moment for everyone, as we remembered the man who essentially started it all.

Captain Marvel’s directing duo arrived first on the red carpet, followed by Gemma Chan, Samuel L. Jackson and last but not least, Brie Larson. While all of them looked stunning, Larson’s dress was especially out-of-this-world, adorned with a brooch in the shape of Captain Marvel’s iconic star emblem.


While the media was vying for the attention of the movie’s cast, they were mostly drawn to the fans at large, signing autographs and taking selfies. Some fans even brought along fan-made artwork, official movie merchandise and one superfan in particular even attended the event cosplaying as Captain Marvel.



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It was an explosive event and the fan furor got even louder when the movie’s cast and directors made their way onstage. Brie Larson gave us a firsthand glimpse into the mind of Carol Danvers when she said:

“A lot of times, the film is about getting to the thing, saving the thing. But what it’s really about is getting to herself. So we go along with her on this journey of finding herself. It starts with her being tough and strong. But it’s really the vulnerability that comes in play that brings her to herself.”


Captain Marvel is slated to release in cinemas on 6 March 2019. In the meantime, head on over here to learn more about the character’s history and origins, or check out all the things we learned from the recent Captain Marvel press conference which also took place in Singapore.

Take a look below for more official images from the Captain Marvel Fan Event straight from the red carpet:





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