It’s Official: Amy’s Going To Be In SoulCalibur 6

If you miss having an alternate fencer in little girl form in your 3D fighting game, you’re in luck. Amy will be making her return in part 6 as DLC soon.

Her Soul Chronicle story and clothes/accessories in Creation mode will be part of this DLC. If you bought the game’s Season Pass, you’ll get her automatically when she’s out.

Here’s how she looks and plays in SoulCalibur 6:

Just like her past versions, she fights like Raphael but has a few tricks up her metaphoric sleeves. In addition, the next character customization pack will be out on 19 February.

This announcement also confirms that Cassandra may be the next DLC character in the game. There are also a bunch of codenames on this datamine last month; go ahead and speculate like crazy.

Author: Mr Toffee

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