Razer Game Store To Close Down On 28 February; Here’s Why

With digital game store giants like Valve’s Steam and Epic Games’ Store ruling the roost, it’s no surprise that surviving in this space is hard no matter how big your name is. Such is the case of Razer, whose game store is ceasing operations on 28 February at 1am Pacific Time (5pm GMT+8).

The store is closing down due to the company’s realignment plan. Razer has prepared a bunch of answers following this sad news to the cult of Razer:

  • Your purchased games on the store will still work. Just make sure to get your respective game keys before 28 February.
  • You’ll have to use up your Razer Gold and Razer Silver if you have any balance left. This goes without saying, but don’t spend money on Razer Gold.
  • You’ll also have to use up your Razer Game Store discount vouchers too before they’re null and void by 28 February.

So Why Is It Closing Down?

Like we said before, it’s hard to open up a digital game store and survive in an environment ruled by Valve’s Steam, EA’s Origin, Epic Games’ store, and Ubisoft’s UPlay. These stores have exclusive games and game deals, and they’re the source of said games. Razer is a third party in context even if its peripherals are first-party.

Despite the game deals and discounts and its strong brand name, it isn’t enough to stand out among the big boys. They might as well cut their losses; at least they still have their physical boutique stores, right?

Author: Mr Toffee

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