Overwatch fever is in full effect as the second season of the Overwatch League has started. Here’s what happened in week 1:

Philly Clickin’ 

The Philadelphia Fusion got their payback for their Grand Finals loss. They convincingly defeated the defending champions, London Spitfire 3-1 at the opening match of the new Overwatch League season.

As both teams were using almost identical lineups like the last fight they had, it was a Goats vs Goats fight as predicted. Both teams relied on the notorious meta to start things off, but the outcome is reversed this time around. The Fusion continued their momentum in their second match, edging past impressive newcomers to the league, Atlanta Reign 3-2.

New York Excelsior Idling

Despite winning both of their games, the NYXL didn’t look as dominant compared to last season. The Uprising managed to steal a map and forced a draw on another while Washington Justice also managed to rattle the NYXL who at times appear rusty coming into the second season.

We should be able to get a better gauge of their current state via Excelsior games against Valiant and the Outlaws next week.


Shockingly Good

We are guilty of underestimating the Shock in our early season power rankings due to their lack of reputable main tanks in a Goat-driven meta. But guess what? A strong DPS corps may be the answer to silence the notorious Goats comp. The Shock has so many capable players in their arsenal to turn the tide.

Then again, that 4-0 win was over the Dallas Fuel so we won’t go overboard with our praises. Despite losing a tightly contested match against the LA Gladiators in their second match, the Shock is finally showing promise befitting the talent they possess. A juicy showdown against the Titans awaits them in Week 2.

Dallas Fuel Slow Burn or Early Ignition?

After going down tamely 0-4 to the Shock in their first match, the Fuel bounced back with a morale-boosting win over the Seoul Dynasty.  Zacharee still appears unprepared for the OWL as he’s been the Fuel’s weakest link throughout Week 1 and we can only wonder how long will he be able to keep Taimou out of the starting lineup.

The momentum is on their side after that win against the Dynasty and a winnable game against the Charge await them but their true test would be against Philadelphia Fusion in game 2 of Week 2. Will the fire burn bright or go out on a whimper?


Dynasty Lacks Killer Instinct

After their convincing win over the Los Angeles Gladiators, the Seoul Dynasty walked into a brick wall against the resurgent Dallas Fuel in their second match.

While they managed some really interesting team fight wins in Week 1, the Dynasty lacked that solo magic moment from their key players. Fissure was muted all week while Fleta is yet to find those decisive, key kills which made him one of the most feared DPS players last season.

Expect them to stabilize come Week 2, though they are in serious need of some magical one-man heroics from time to time.

Spitfire Unsettled

No one expected to see the Spitfire to lose their first two matches, moreover to go down to Paris Eternal. Are they a team in crisis, or just an early season slump?

It’s still too early to tell but Spitfire’s decision to proceed with a thin roster (only 8 players, FYI) may have started to bite back. They have become too predictable and teams don’t fear them as much anymore.

Vancouver Titans Are the Real Deal 

The main question for the Vancouver Titans during pre-season was how will the former Runaway squad fare on the biggest stage. The answer now is clear; the Titans can easily hold their own against the best in the world.

OK, that win was ‘only’ against the Shanghai Dragons but what surprised us the most was how clean and easy the Titans made it look. Bumper & Co made quick work against the Dragons and expect them to continue asserting their dominance in Week 2.

Out of Sorts Outlaws, or Just Unlucky?

Losing back-to-back matches, each over five maps must sting for the Outlaws moreover against teams who were perceived to be weaker than them.

This is compounded by the fact that their next two matches are against the impressive Hangzhou Spark and the NYXL. Bad news for Outlaws fans. A 0-4 record by the end of week 2 is highly possible. 

New Teams and Players Stepped Up Big Time

The perception that there’s a huge gulf between the original Overwatch League teams and the newcomers can now be put to rest.

Of the three matches resulting in a 4-0 score in Week 1, two involved new teams who came out victors. Paris Eternal’s shocking win over the reigning champions should serve as a rallying call to all new teams that regardless of participation in Season 1, it’s a whole new ball game this time around.

That’s it for our coverage of Week 1 of the Second Season of the Overwatch League. Stay tuned for more news, insights and analysis in days to come!

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