We might be seeing a transport vehicle in Respawn’s highly acclaimed battle royale, Apex Legends.

Data miners have been combing through the files and have found an intriguing file. According to a data miner known as ApexGameInfo, there is evidence of a ‘Hoverbike’ that has been in the game for developers, but not to the general players.

There is data pertaining to the vehicle’s spawn and physics from the data mine.

According to leaker @RealApexLeaks, the code suggests that the vehicle is a three-person vehicle with a driver and two passengers, which makes sense considering we’re currently playing as a three-man squad.

The leaks continue to suggest that it is still in development, as there is a number of “to do” items.

This marks the first mobility assist vehicle in the game, as the first vehicle would be the Supply Ship, but there’s only loot – and bad loot at it – and can’t be used to travel the map. Another mobility assist is the Launch Balloons which allow players to redeploy their jetpacks to drop to a new location.

All this said, there is still no expected launch date for the hoverbike. And with any leaks we find, take it with a grain of salt as there are no guarantees that this would even be available to the public.


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