Here’s What Baptiste Can Do In Overwatch

Yesterday, Blizzard officially revealed the 30th Overwatch hero, a support character named Baptiste. The good news is that players can already start using him in the latest PTR (Public Test Region) for the PC version of the game. Baptiste’s abilities and playstyle can also be seen in action thanks to a video released earlier today.

First of all, Baptiste’s primary weapon is the Medic SMG, a mid-range submachine gun which shoots three-round-bursts, rewarding players who emphasize precision and accuracy.

The alternate fire of his weapon is the Biotic Launcher, which launches a healing grenade that does splash healing in a radius.

His primary ability is the Regenerative Burst, where Baptiste can activate a burst that applies gradual healing to him and his surrounding allies.

His secondary ability is the Immortality Field, where Baptiste launches a device that creates a visible field preventing himself and allies from dying. The Immortality Field works by making it so that everybody on the team cannot go beneath a certain percentage of health.

Although the Immortality Field sounds pretty overpowered, the opposing team can still kill the Immortality Field by targeting and destroying the device in the center.

The last of Baptiste’s abilities are the Exo Boots, which essentially allows him to super-jump and leap over great distances.

Baptiste’s ultimate move is the Amplification Matrix, where he places a wall (or targeting interface of sorts). His allies can then shoot through this wall to inflict significantly boosted damage to the opposing team.

These abilities definitely sound like they’ll be devastating in the hands of the right player, as Baptiste looks ready to shake up the meta. There’s no official word yet on when the new hero will be making his way onto the live servers, but it probably won’t be long now. In the meantime, check out the developer introduction to Baptiste below.


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