The battle royale genre in games seems to be the new trend these days, so it’s no surprise that it’s invading real life in a non-traditional way.

The Battle Royale Virtual Run (BRVR) is a running movement that promotes a healthy lifestyle while still being fairly competitive at your own pace.

Organised by The Polar Events, this virtual run works exactly like any other. In BRVR however, you compete with other participants on a leaderboard. All one has to do is to complete a 10KM run within the given dates.

This means you can run at your own terms, be it your own track or treadmill, your own pace and your own turf. There are also weekly challenges to keep runners (players?) motivated, with weekly prizes to be won.

How Does a Virtual Run Work?

It’s simple, but you still have to physically run, though.

  1. Sign up for the run.
  2. Start running, anywhere, anytime, and with anyone.
  3. Upload the screenshot proof that you have completed the race.
  4. Once your result has been reviewed, wait for the courier to hand in your custom designed medal and shirt. The e-bib and e-cert will be sent via email.

What Do I Get?

Aside from a healthy lifestyle, you’d also get a PUBG-inspired medal or a medal and a t-shirt depending on your choice, provided you complete a run of 10KM and have uploaded your results.

So, let’s outrun the competition to a chicken dinner, it’s a protein-packed meal! You can check out more and register here.

But hey, don’t go taking anybody out. Registration is open until 11 March, while the Running Period begins from 12 March to 12 April.



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